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Things You Should Expect from A Quality Foreclosure Listings

Quality Foreclosure Listings - What do they have?

There is no doubt on the amount of information that can be obtained from the foreclosure listings. The foreclosure listings provide such clear and detailed information that one can easily find a house of one¡¯s choice. However, there is some minimum info that foreclosure listings must have to call it a quality listing. Usually the foreclosure listings will have a small column on property summary and 5 main categories in the listings. Here are some brief examples on what you should look for in quality foreclosure listings.

Property Details

This foreclosure listings category lets you know the price, type of house, amount of bedrooms, toilets, and floors. Also includes the size and total square feet of the house. This will help you identifying the physical structures of the house you whether it matches your needs.

Foreclosure Information

This foreclosure listings category provides information on the status of the house, delinquent amount, loan balance and original loan amount of the property. With these, you will get to know your affordability and whether it¡¯s a bargain comparing to market price or not.

Neighbourhood Information

This foreclosure listings category roughly reviews to us the neighbourhood¡¯s median house value, population, average age of the people there, ethnicity, education index and details and crime index in the neighbourhood.

Sales Information

This foreclosure listings category informs on the date of sales that had happened and the price. And some brief sales history.

Tax Information

This foreclosure listings category is about information on the assessor¡¯s parcel number, county, zoning, latest assessed year, land value, improvements and total assessed value of the property. Well, a deeper learning on your most wanted house.

Last but not least, the foreclosure listings also provide information on the owner and lender¡¯s contact for interested buyers to contact and deal with them on the property.

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